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Next shows: Blue Scheme: Wed., November 12 (blue scheme on last), Grape Street Pub [Manayunk], w/Lazlo and Secret Society, 105 Grape St., Philadelphia, $5, 21+, Doors at 9:00 pm
Wed., November 19 (blue scheme on first) Malokai's/Club 218 South [Center City], w/TBA 218 South St., Philadelphia $6, 21+, Doors at 9:00 pm
Fri., November 21 (blue scheme on second) Tokio Ballroom [Center City], w/Wellstar and Heather G 122 Lombard St., Philadelphia $5, 21+. Doors at 8:00 pm
Yellow Brain: Saturday, December 27, Fergie's Pub, 1214 Sansom, Philadelphia, 9:30pm

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:: Monday, November 24, 2003 ::

Five Alive

So we did it. Five shows over a ten-day span. For many bands, that’s not really that big of a deal, especially if they’re touring.

But for us, it was. Especially since they were all in Philadelphia. Not really the best of ideas, I know. The potential to stretch our fan base thin was pretty high. But two of them were fill-in gigs on short notice, and we didn’t promote the next-to-last show at all, although I did tell my uncle and aunt about it.

The Grape Street show mentioned in the previous entry was the first of those. That Saturday, we played at Doc Watson’s. Embarrassingly, we didn’t draw very well, especially for a Saturday. But we played well. I think it was my best show of the five, although the rest of the band thought our last show was the best. That may be. But the energy was highest on this night since we got to play for a lot of fans of two other bands, Project Hill and Venus Fly Lounge, two bands definitely worth checking out.

The next Wednesday we were back at Club 218 on South Street, a night filled with passing showers. We actually drew decently given the circumstances. That surprised the hell out of me. We opened the night and we were followed by Miss Argentina, a hard rock band I really enjoyed. They’re fronted by a very cool, energetic lead singer named Mercedes. I got to talk with her and the band for a while. Although our styles are fairly different, I think it would be fun to play another show with them again. They were followed by a band I liked called Race Car.

The Thursday show was at the Mill Creek Tavern. Our friends in Audiophyle asked us to open for them. Opening proved to be a little harrowing for us as Noah, who had to work in West Chester, didn’t arrive until the last two songs of the set. Thank God I also play keys. I could laugh about it after the fact, but beforehand I was fairly angry, especially since he’d told me he’d be there in enough time. His ride didn’t leave there until about 40 minutes after he thought they would leave, which is why he was late. However, I’d told him time and time again that there were a couple of us who were willing to pick him up to counter just this kind of problem. Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me? Sigh.

So I played keys for the first few songs on Thursday. Then Noah did the last couple of songs. But during the last song, the sound system wires shorted on Noah’s keyboard, so he had to switch to mine halfway through. Fun times. But we got through it.

I met the owner of Mill Creek Tavern and he said that both he and his wife loved us. Hopefully, that means we’ll be able to come back there at some point.

Friday we played at the Tokio Ballroom, a new venue for live music above a French-Japanese restaurant. Our friends, Wellstar, who headlined the show, invited us to play. Heather G opened the night. Greg and I had seen her play at Fergie’s Pub before and thought she was great, so we were pretty excited to be in a lineup with her.

Sorry if this reads more like a summary of facts than an honest-to-goodness blog entry. But I wanted to get the facts out there first. Perhaps at some point in the near future, I’ll touch more on one of these nights.

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